Gone Girl, Book and Movie Reviews (spoilers in second part)


A really great analysis of the Gone Girl movie.

Bookslide III

I’ll be very clear when I’m about to get into spoiler territory.

I recently read Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn with a book club, and I loved every page of it.  It falls under the header of “psychological thriller,” but it makes other psychological thrillers look as if they’re barely skimming the surface of their characters.  Gone Girl keeps diving deeper and deeper into its characters and teaches us, at the end, no matter how much we’re told, we’ll never truly understand what goes on in another person’s head.  I found it immensely more satisfying than books that rely on the thrill the further the book goes on.

The book, if you haven’t already heard, is about Nick Dunne and his wife Amy, and alternates perspectives using first person, journal entries, and letters.  Amy disappears early on in the book.  As we learn more about Nick, we have to decide…

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